Maren Morris fan (hand raised).  Her 2nd album was just announced a month ago, and it’s here! On International Women’s Day! I like what you did here Maren…I’m pickin’ up what you’re throwin’ down!

It was released at Midnight.  I have already listened to the whole thing.  You may have heard her new single “Girl” already on Minnesota 93. She told Billboard Magazine, “Me choosing ‘Girl’ as the first single, it’s about transitioning from someone who felt like she didn’t need anybody into someone who very much needs people and is okay with admitting that,” and “That really frightening vulnerability that I’ve been trying to avoid, I’m not doing that any longer.” Newly married (to country artist Ryan Hurd) her writing is a little different on this album, tracking her life changes.

It’s just the first release but look for others on this album to include collaborations with other favorite voices, Brandi Carlile and Brothers Osborne. Maren is a little bit of every genre-and has dealt with the haters and the “you aren’t country” crew, but for me, I like her voice so I will give this sophomore album a chance.