Do you feel guilty for taking “Me Time?” When I was a younger mother, I remember feeling guilty about taking time to recharge. Too many noses to wipe and shoes to tie.  Maybe it’s because my kids are at the ages where they are more self-sufficient, but I am MUCH better at this now than I was then. It’s not that I have less to do, in fact, I would argue I actually do MORE now. I have just learned to manage my time better-because I deserve it.  We all do!

According to a new survey (Good News Network), the average person says they only get 43 minutes of “me time” a day.  That works out to a total of about five hours a week.

So what’s getting in the way?  Here are the top five things that keep us from getting in some nice solo relaxation . . .

1.  Too much noise.

2.  Work.

3.  Stressing out over the news.

4.  Significant other.

5.  Children.

I am a huge fan of my Google Calendar to keep me straight. YES, I schedule “Me Time,” and it can work if you work it!

🙂 Have a great day, Socials!