BRANTLEY GILBERT has been watching a lot of kid’s shows these days . . . thanks to his 18-month-old son, Barrett.

And the boy has good taste.  Brantley says, quote, “What’s funny is like the animated movies and stuff . . . I love ’em.  They’re pretty good nowadays.  He loves ‘Puppy Dog Pals’, he loves Mickey, he likes ‘Paw Patrol’.”

But here’s a twist.  Brantley feels his son does NOT watch enough TV.  Barrett’s always bugging mom and dad to go outside, which cuts into Brantley’s TV time.

Quote, “He’d rather stand on the windowsill and look out the window than sit in front of the TV.  When the songs come on he’ll go over there and stomp his foot and look at the TV, but when the song goes off, he’s over it.  He’s ready to go outside.”

The good news for Brantley is that more kid’s TV shows will be coming his way.  He and his wife Amber will have a baby girl in September. 🙂