We have a new entry for the best-looking couple in country music.  It’s Midland singer MARK WYSTRACH and his new fiancé, Ty Haney.  They announced their engagement yesterday on social media.

Mark posted photos of them standing in a field holding their two dogs.  They’re all smiles and she’s showing off the engagement ring.  He captioned it, “Popped the question and [she] had the answer I was lookin’ for.”

Mark tells People, quote, “It was unplanned and just unfolded naturally when we were barefoot and on a walk with our puppies.  It was right after a big thunderstorm, and the sun just popped [up] out of nowhere, and I knew it was a sign.”

It couldn’t have been too unplanned because who carries around a diamond ring?  By the way, her full name is Tyler Haney and she’s got her own thing.  She founded a clothing company called Outdoor Voices . . . and it’s the real deal.

He’s 39, she’s 31 . . . and they’ve been dating a little over a year.

(Is it okay if I also remind you that Mark used to be an actor and Calvin Klein underwear model?  Good.)  🙂  True Story!