DRAKE WHITE has revealed why he almost passed out on stage last weekend.  He’s been suffering from a brain condition called AVM.  Doctors are pretty sure he was born with it, although he was just diagnosed back in January.

It’s described as an “abnormal tangle of arteries and veins in the brain that disrupts normal blood flow.”  It’s serious, but treatable.  He’s already been through several procedures, and there are more to come.

He tells People, quote, “It was basically stealing blood from my brain.  Thankfully it was caught in time, because it could have caused a stroke.”  Obviously, he tried to keep all of this private but it was time to open up.

Quote, “I’m not telling this story for me.  Someone needs to hear it and God wants me to share it.  It will help people believe in miracles, and I will feel that energy.  The world needs that kind of energy right now.”

The important thing right now is to rest, but he is planning to come back strong.  Quote, “I’m adamant that once it’s all done, I will be able to run faster and play guitar better and get [my wife] Alex pregnant immediately.”