I guess we need to remind everyone that if you bring a beach ball to a MIRANDA LAMBERTconcert, it may die.  Somebody posted a video of her slicing into one at her show in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

She grabbed a knife that was “conveniently” stashed near the drums, cut into the beach ball . . . and then told the crowd, quote, “I love you all but we’re not at the damn beach.  We’re singing country music tonight.”

When Miranda’s NOT slicing beach balls, she’s talking about how happy she is with her husband, Brendan McLoughlin.  During her show in Atlantic City, she told the crowd that “Tin Man” may be a sad song, but that’s not her anymore.

Quote, “Even though I’m not sad any more thanks to Brendan my husband, I still love a sad country song with all my heart . . . so I’m going to sing a sad one if you want to get sad with me.”