Some country stars write all of their songs, some don’t write any . . . but most seem to combine the two.  And when they’re looking for outside stuff to record, they listen to what’s coming in from the hottest new songwriters.

And that’s why this story is really interesting.  CODY JOHNSON wants his next album to have a ’90s feel to it, but he’s not just saying that.  He’s digging up songs written before 2000 that may have “slipped through the cracks.”

His team threw a party and invited successful, old school songwriters.  We’re talking people who wrote or co-wrote songs like ChattahoocheeStranger in My House, and Love Without End, Amen.

A Music City insider said, quote, “I’ve never had that request before.  That’s what made it so intriguing . . . that they don’t want any of the modern stuff.”

A rep said Cody’s drawn to “classic songwriting without the current terminology or phrasing.”  So instead of hearing another take on “Cruise” or “Body Like a Back Road” . . . Cody’s new album will be fresh, by being old.  And classic.

We get it all when he comes to Mankato on October 10th! for tickets or the Mankato Civic Center box office.