Lately, for me, it’s been mowing the lawn.  It’s not so much the actual mowing as it is what I do before and after I mow.  You see, my lawn tractor broke about a month ago.  I mean it broke good.  Like not-going-to-spend-the-time-and-money-to-fix-it broken.  To be fair this mower is at least 15 years old and I’ve done virtually no maintenance on it in said 15 years.  It owes me nothing.  What is important to know is that this tractor was a perfect fit through my fence to the backyard.  Any bigger and it wasn’t getting through.  The great news is my friend has a lawn tractor that is also the exact right size to fit through my fence.  So rather than pony up the cash for a new lawn tractor with just a couple mows left in the season, I thought I’d ask if I could just borrow his.  He graciously said yes.  Now to the redneck part.  My buddy lives a quarter mile away.  Just close enough to not warrant loading it up on a trailer and hauling it 1,320 feet and just far enough to make me feel a little awkward while driving it though the neighborhood on a Tuesday afternoon.  If you’re my neighbor and you’ve seen me doing my best Waterboy impression past your house, feel free to have a good laugh at my expense.  I would.