In 2010 I decided to run my first marathon.  It was the inaugural Mankato Marathon.

I made the bold choice to jump right to the marathon without ever having completed anything longer than a 10K.  What I hadn’t planned for was the MSU hockey games that would be scheduled both the night before and the night of the marathon.  I managed to get both games and a marathon done that weekend and I vowed to never do something dumb like that again.  It was exhausting!  Fast forward ten years and here we are. I was asked by the Mankato Family YMCA to be a Champion Runner for their STRIDE program for the tenth annual Mankato Marathon, a program my son has been a part of several times.

I said yes of course and had intended on running the full marathon, a distance I have since completed 3 times.  I accepted the challenge, but had to commit to running the half marathon instead.  The reason for that is because MSU schedules for this season have both the men’s hockey team and football team home on marathon weekend.  If you are unaware, I do public address for MSU Men’s Hockey and MSU Football.  There have been several weekends when I’ve had both hockey and football, but never hockey, football and 13.1 miles.  I trust that my training will get me through the race, but what makes me nervous is the thought of not finishing in time to get to the football game. What if I’m late? What if I get injured? What if I lose my voice? I’ve been beyond exhausted before. I can handle that, but what if I’ve finally taken on too much for me to handle in one weekend? Through it all I can hear my friend Cindra saying “Control the controllables. You’ll do great!”. So that is my plan. Show up for one thing at a time and try to enjoy every minute of it.  Thank you to those that helped me reach my fundraising goal for STRIDE. Thank you to friends and co-workers that have had to listen to me stress about it. Thank you to my family for allowing me to train and prepare for something I love.  Thank you to hockey and football fans that will hopefully understand if I might stumble a little this weekend. I will give you all my best possible effort, but if you need me on Sunday…DON’T.