TJ and I were having a fun conversation on-air that morphed off-air leading us to ask what everyone calls their pets at home.  Not what they are NAMED, but what you CALL THEM.  Most of us have these nicknames we have no clue where they came from.  They just happen!  Here is our cast of characters, their given names, and their “AKA” nicknames!!

These are my dogs, “Shadow” and “Mingo.”

AKA: The Black one, Fruit Bat, Naughty

AKA: Mingus, The Brown one, Foosa, Paddlefish, Ming-foo


TJ’s dog is named “Moxie.”

AKA: Moxie lady, Mox-a-rocks, Mox in the Box, Moxer-shorts, Moxygen


Logan’s dog is named “Lacey.”

AKA: Lacey Loo, High Maintenence 


This is “Remy”-Teri T’s Dog.

AKA: Big Guy. Puppers. The Reminator,


This is Alex’s dog.  LOL, It’s a tarantula and his name is “Whalen.”

Alex said Whalen doesn’t have a nickname, but TJ has affectionately nicknamed him