Chris Stapleton has partnered up with the LEGO Group to release a Lego edition music video for his song “Second One to Know.” The video features Chris and his band as LEGO people performing in front of a crowd. They’re soon interrupted by attacking ninjas and a fire breathing dragon. But the show must go on as the team uses their instruments to fight off the attacks while also continuing to play for the crowd. 

In a statement, Stapleton said he’d always pictured the song to have a fight scene, and raved about the creative process by saying: “Along the way, the fight got bigger and more absurd and I got a front-row seat to watch the massive amount of work that animators put into what they do . . . My kids even got to be a part of designing their characters and it was a cool thing for us to get to do together. It was an incredible experience for me, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

You can watch the video below


Intern Leah