Chris Young has a German Sheperd named Porter and this year he thinks that Porter might be on Santa’s naughty list. Young says that Santa normally goes all out for his dog, Porter, but he isn’t sure if he’ll be spoiled this Christmas.

Young believes his dog is on the naughty list because a few days ago he woke up to his dog eating the stairs. That’s right, Young woke up to his German Sheperd Porter chewing on his steps and he now believes that if Santa was watching him that day that Porter will be on Santa’s naughty list.

Young and his dog go all out for Christmas normally according to Young. Young also discussed how he likes to spoil his niece for Christmas. Last year she was gifted a day at the zoo and this year he’s thinking about gifting her a trip to Disney World.

Do you have a dog? And if so, do you think your dog will be making the naughty list like Young’s dog Porter or will your dog be on Santa’s nice list?


-Intern Megan