Thomas Rhett has learned a lot on his recent tour and he says most of what he has learned can be credited to his father, Rhett Atkins.

Rhett Akins was a country singer in the 90’s, he’s most famous for his songs “That Ain’t My Truck”, “She Said Yes”, and “Don’t Get Me Started”. His son, Rhett has also found fame in country music. Some of Rhett’s most famous songs are “Beer With Jesus”, “It Goes Like This”, and “Die A Happy Man”.

Most of 2019, Rhett has been on his Very Hot Summer Tour and he was lucky enough to be able to bring along his dad as one of his opening acts.  Rhett explains that his father has helped to teach him a lot about tour life and how to make tough decisions.

How great would it be to tour with your family members? Would you bring your dad along on tour if you had the chance?


-Intern Megan