The founders of a new housing development called Culdesac certainly think so.

Culdesac calls itself the “first car-free neighborhood from scratch in the United States.” Founders plan to open its doors in Tempe, Arizona, in fall 2020. It’s basically a $140m experiment and the founders say that people are excited about it!

The 1000  resident neighborhood will feature restaurants, a grocery store, a gym, a light rail stop, and even a dog park. But if you want to live there, you CANNOT own a vehicle.

People will have access to car shares, Ubers, and Lyfts…

But the point is to build a city where people can get to work, get what they need themselves without having to own a car.

Transportation emissions in the US continue to rise, even though it’s now clearer than ever that we need to reduce emissions in order to (maybe) fend off impacts of climate change. Building housing near public transit is a good way to get cars off the road.

Research points to the health benefits of green space…

And Culdesac emphasizes that they’re pulling out parking to make room for green space. Their website doesn’t have much other than cartoons of people wearing hip clothing — one walking a dog, another biking.

It seems like they’re marketing to those, who may be interested in a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.  What do you think?  Vehicles are certainly a luxury that some don’t have.  Many in large cities live without them daily already.  Does it matter what stage of life you are in or where the public transportation is?