3 hours I can’t get back.  With a slight headache and a bowl of strawberries, I climbed into bed to check out the THREE  hour episode.

I don’t know when I had 3 hours to do anything in one session…but, I digress.

30 women.  Some you like, some you don’t.  I know we’ve only just begun…But, if spoilers are your thing, you might just be able to find out which contestant stole Pete’s heart. A few weeks ago, a Bachelor superfan revealed the sneaky way she found out that Cassie Randolph won the heart of Colton Underwood before anyone else knew.

Creepy as ever and with this as her hobby, she admitted to stalking Colton’s activity on his cash transaction app, Venmo.  She was seeing who he was spending money (and therefore time) with. “What’s the most psycho thing you did in 2019? I’ll go first! I stalked Colton’s Venmo friends to see who he picked and then I knew who won the Bachelor months before anyone else did,” the fan tweeted.

That is some serious investment.  LOL -I barely finished the 3 hours.  I may, or may not, watch again.