It has been a crazy ride these past few years for singer-songwriter Gabby Barrett. Since winning 3rd place on American Idol in 2018, the 19-year old has been on the rise.

Her debut single “I Hope” released in 2019 shows off her vocal chops and talent as a songwriter, and has been making waves in Nashville and on the charts.

Barrett has big dreams and plans for the future. She’s hoping her success this past year might bring her to the CMA’s “To be nominated for a CMA Award next year would be cool, or to perform,” she muses. “Seriously, that is one of my goals for next year, though.”

The singer’s 2020 plans including a Staples Center performance with Kane Brown and new music on the horizon. “I’m doing Stagecoach [this] year. I’m doing Tortuga [this] year,” she rattles off. “And I have new music coming [this] year.”


Intern Brandon