Country music trio The Dixie Chicks have followed the lead of Lady A, the band formerly known as Lady Antebellum, in altering their band’s name. The iconic trio has renamed their band to simply, The Chicks. Similarly to Lady A, the change was made in order to distance the band from any Confederate terminology. While the band’s name is said to be inspired by the Little Feet’s song and album titled “Dixie Chicken”, the term “dixie” is also heavily connected to the Mason-Dixon line. The Mason-Dixon line is known to be the line that once separated free states and states that permitted the use of slavery.

Despite not releasing an official statement on the new name yet, the band’s official Twitter handle was switched from @dixiechicks to @thechicks today, June 25th, with similar alterations being made on their other social media accounts. The band has been known for its progressive messaging and the change comes as little to no surprise. While there was no negative intent in the creation of the band’s original name, the alteration seems to have been made in order to clearly separate themself from any negative or racially-charged connotation.