Tim McGraw tells NPR.org that he loves riding horses. “I grew up in Louisiana and my step dad was a cowboy, so I could ride before I could walk. I love horses. They can be so gentle and calm, but they have so much power in them.”

Jason Aldean tells Music Mayhem magazine that he loves Adele. “Well, Adele man, I think Adele is pretty sick, I mean, she’s another level, you know. I’m not ashamed to say I’m a huge fan of her music.”

Zac Brown tells Billboard magazine that he and his band are like a sports team when they tour. “I look at it as a professional sports team like, this is a competitive thing and we take it seriously [in] the way we practice, the way we rehearse, the way we perform. Nobody’s allowed to drink or smoke or do any drugs or anything during the show. Whatever they do after the show, they have a small window before we get on the buses and roll again. But I think what we do better now is take care of ourselves…This is our life and our business, and we’ve got to take it seriously.”

Luke Bryan tells Apple Music that he is a real farmer while Blake Shelton is a pretend one. “I mean, he’s just putting out like wild grasses — stuff that literally will grow on Mars. I’m actually planting stuff that human beings can enjoy. I’m not feeding a bunch of rabbits and moles and stuff. Blake’s farming earthworms and stuff.”

Eric Church tells WYCD that he doesn’t do social media. “I never pay attention to that [social media comments]. I’ve never been on social media. I’ve never tweeted, I don’t know how to tweet. I don’t get on Instagram — nobody gives me codes for any of this stuff, so I have no way to get on any of this.”