What’s Going On In Country Music!

This week in country music news, Morgan Wallen wishes he bailed out New Hampshire man, Luke Combs’ son Tex is thriving, Taylor Kerr says brother might end up more famous than her, and Reba McEntire to play a new role in a new Lifetime movie!

  •  Last week we had a story about a guy in New Hampshire who got arrested while wearing a shirt with Morgan Wallen’s mugshot on it.  The news got back to Morgan and here’s what he wrote Friday on his Instagram Stories.  Quote, “We’ve all been there bub.  Wish I saw this sooner.  I woulda bailed him out.”
  • Taylor Kerr, of Maddie & Tae, has a brother who may end up more famous than her.  He’s an actor named Mason Dye, and he’s in this season’s “Stranger Things”.  He plays the basketball jock named Jason Carver.
  •  Luke Combs’ wife Nicole Hocking posted an update on their son Tex, who was born on Father’s Day.  Quote, “It’s crazy how quick your priorities change once you have a child.  The animals have adjusted, besides the fact that they want all his toys.  It’s been a whirlwind, but we’re surviving, and baby Tex is thriving.”
  • Reba McEntire will play a “traveling circuit judge” in a new Lifetime movie called, “The Hammer”.  It also stars her actor-boyfriend, Rex Linn . . . and her “Reba” co-star Melisa Peterman.  No word when it’ll debut.