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Watch Angelina Jolie Try Not to Cry as She Drops Her Son Off at College

By |2019-08-22T06:54:12-05:00August 22nd, 2019|

It's hard enough to drop your kids off at college for the first time.  But it's even harder when that college is ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. Then again, when you can afford to fly anywhere, anytime, maybe it's not THAT heartbreaking. Still, ANGELINA JOLIE had a hard time keeping it together when she dropped her son Maddox off at Yonsei University in South Korea.  Someone posted video where she admits she's, quote, "trying not to cry." Speaking of Maddox, sources say BRAD PITT only found out where he was going to school shortly before the news broke in the media. They've been estranged ever since that [...]

The Top Five Things Millionaires Splurge On

By |2019-08-22T06:40:16-05:00August 22nd, 2019|

If you won the lotto tonight, what's the first thing you'd buy?  Someone talked to 55 millionaires about their spending habits.  Here are the top five things they splurge on . . . 1.  Travel.  60% mentioned it, which was almost twice as many mentions as anything else.  And a lot of them talked about how important vacations are. 2.  Food.  Including eating out and cooking at home.  35% mentioned it.  So eating well is a priority. 3.  Cars.  Only 15% said they splurge on cars.  Some claimed they're fairly frugal, and if they buy a luxury car, they keep it [...]

The Rock Is the World’s Highest Paid Actor

By |2019-08-22T06:33:12-05:00August 22nd, 2019|

THE ROCK was the highest-paid actor in the world over the past year, raking in an estimated $89.4 million.  That's a lot of coin, but it's down from last year when he made $124 million and came in second to George Clooney. Here's this year's Top 10, according to "Forbes": 1.  Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, $89.4 million 2.  Chris Hemsworth, $76.4 million 3.  Robert Downey Jr., $66 million 4.  Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, $65 million 5.  Jackie Chan, $58 million . . . Mostly from the Chinese box office, and his endorsements there. 6.  A tie between Adam Sandler and Bradley Cooper, both with $57 million . . . Adam's money [...]

Drake White Is Suffering From a Brain Condition

By |2019-08-22T06:28:46-05:00August 22nd, 2019|

DRAKE WHITE has revealed why he almost passed out on stage last weekend.  He's been suffering from a brain condition called AVM.  Doctors are pretty sure he was born with it, although he was just diagnosed back in January. It's described as an "abnormal tangle of arteries and veins in the brain that disrupts normal blood flow."  It's serious, but treatable.  He's already been through several procedures, and there are more to come. He tells "People", quote, "It was basically stealing blood from my brain.  Thankfully it was caught in time, because it could have caused a stroke."  Obviously, he tried to keep all [...]

Dancing With The Stars Cast Announced!

By |2019-08-21T07:56:24-05:00August 21st, 2019|

Entertainment Tonight says the cast for the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars has been announced. It includes ...   Lamar Odom   Christie Brinkley   James Van Der Beek   Karamo Brown   Hannah Brown   Kel Mitchell   Sean Spicer   Ally Brooke   Kate Flannery   Lauren Alaina   Ray Lewis

The Most Memorable Movie Moments of the Past 21 Years

By |2019-08-21T07:15:48-05:00August 21st, 2019|

To celebrate its 21st anniversary, asked its users to name the most memorable movie moment of the past 21 years.  Almost 25,000 people voted.  Here's the Top 10 . . . 1.  The appearance of Heath Ledger's Joker in "The Dark Knight". 2.  Thanos' snap from "Avengers: Infinity War". 3.  "I See Dead People" from "The Sixth Sense". 4.  Carl and Ellie in the opening of "Up". 5.  The Avengers assemble in New York in the original "Avengers". 6.  The government lobby scene from "The Matrix". 7.  Gollum talks to Smeagol in "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers". 8.  "No Man's Land" from "Wonder Woman". 9.  The upside-down [...]

Even the Smell of Bacon Couldn’t Wake Up New Dad Tyler Hubbard

By |2019-08-21T07:09:01-05:00August 21st, 2019|

Poor TYLER HUBBARD.  His wife Hayley worked so hard having a baby that it knocked HIM out cold.  She shot video of herself waving a slice of bacon over his nose as he slept, but he was too far gone to even notice. He posted it yesterday and wrote, "Having a baby is exhausting.  Hayley had been trying to wake me up for 20 minutes to help her out and if at 10:00 A.M. a piece of bacon won't do it then nothing will.  This was the third and final attempt.  Ha-ha."  

The Rock Married His Girlfriend in Hawaii Sunday

By |2019-08-20T06:28:09-05:00August 20th, 2019|

DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON married his girlfriend Lauren Hashian on Sunday in Hawaii, and he posted a pair of wedding photos yesterday. They've been dating since 2007, and they have two daughters, ages 3 and 16 months.  He's 47, she's 34.  Lauren is the daughter of SIB HASHIAN, the drummer on the first two BOSTON albums in the '70s.  He died in 2017. The Rock was previously married to Dany Garcia, and they're still business partners.  They have an 18-year-old daughter named Simone. (People)

Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, and Dolly Parton Are Hosting This Year’s CMAs . . . Will Brad Paisley Ever Be Back?

By |2019-08-20T06:23:41-05:00August 20th, 2019|

Didn't see this coming.  CARRIE UNDERWOOD will be hosting this year's CMAs with REBA MCENTIRE and DOLLY PARTON.  That means BRAD PAISLEY is OUT after co-hosting with Carrie for 11 straight years. Here's the official word:  "The '53rd Annual CMA Awards' will celebrate the legacy of women within country music, and we couldn't think of a more dynamic group of women to host the show." Sounds like they're setting the table for more female nominees . . . as well as a female Entertainer of the Year.  That part's very good.  But let's be honest, honoring females is the perfect way to make it look like they're NOT kicking Brad [...]

By |2019-08-19T08:55:26-05:00August 19th, 2019|

"Good Boys" won the box office this past weekend with a $21 million take.  It's the first original R-rated comedy in three years to be #1, and it's only the second original movie of any kind to open at #1 this year. The only other ORIGINAL movie to top the box office this year was the Jordan Peele horror movie "Us". Here's this weekend's Top 10 . . .   1.  NEW:  "Good Boys", $21 million 2.  "Hobbs & Shaw", $14.1 million.  Up to $133.7 million in its 3rd week. 3.  "The Lion King", $11.9 million.  Up to $496.1 million in its 5th week. 4.  NEW:  "The Angry Birds Movie 2", $10.5 million.  Up [...]

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