The Latest Internet Challenge. Really?

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Some online "challenges" are used for good, for example, the Ice Bucket Challenge.  And others are dangerous, like the Tide Pod Challenge.  But most of them are just dumb entertainment, like this . . The newest online challenge is called the "Florida Man Challenge," and it's based on the fact that so many stupid criminal stories come out of Florida. Here's how to do it:  Just google the term "Florida man," followed by your birthday.  So, if your birthday is June 22nd, you'd google, "Florida Man June 22nd."  And a headline from a stupid Florida Man criminal story should be one [...]

I’ll only waste 2 minutes of your time today :)

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A video of "extreme shoe-tying techniques" has gone viral on Twitter.  It's a pair of hands doing 12 different lacing and tying techniques on a shoe.  They're edited together to make it go faster. You may not recognize any of the techniques, and one knot ends up as a four-leaf clover.  It's a little over two minutes long. It was posted March 17th on the Twitter page of @Bob_Kitt.

Do You Have 8 Minutes to Waste?

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You may have heard of a competitive eater named Matt Stonie.  His past records include eating 225 Peeps in five minutes . . . and downing SEVEN pumpkin spice lattes in under two minutes. Well, he met his match with this one.  He tried to eat a bowl filled with 350 packs of Pop Rocks but only got through about a third of it.  I feel like I should go brush my teeth now... ugh.  In case you wondered, that is 14,000 calories. (Warning from the Fun Police:  He swears...says [G-D] at 3:07, 9:09, and 9:10.  He starts eating at 4:05, and [...]

Choose Your Own Adventure?! YES!

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Do you remember reading "Choose Your Own Adventure" books?  ...Maybe I am aging myself. THEY WERE AWESOME back in the day. After the success of "Bandersnatch", Netflix is jumping back into "choose your own adventure"-style programming, with a new series called "You vs. Wild", starring survival expert BEAR GRYLLS. The premise is simple:  Bear goes on a bunch of adventures, and at various points, he's presented with choices . . . choices YOU get to make for him!! He says, quote, "I'm so proud to deliver this first-of-its-kind live-action interactive series, really giving viewers an all-access pass to explore the world and its landscapes [...]

Mankato Clinic’s Sleep Center to Host Open House

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Mankato Clinic’s J. Scott Sanders Center for Sleep Medicine is hosting an open house from 4:30 to 6 p.m., Tuesday, March 19. Attendants can tour the Sleep Center and learn about sleep apnea, sleep studies, CPAP equipment and the latest innovations in sleep medicine. Mankato Clinic neurologists Rachel Ziegler, MD, and Lisa Davidson, MD, will present at 5:15 p.m.   The sleep center is located on Augusta Court.  

Eric Church Falls and Keeps On Singing! :)

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ERIC CHURCH slipped on stage while performing "Desperate Man" at his show in Greensboro, North Carolina over the weekend.  It wasn't a bad fall.  In fact, he kept on singing and then cracked a few jokes about it later. The stage may have been slippery because someone gave him a towel that he used to wipe up the nasty spot. (Warning:  There are S-words at 0:34 and 1:39, plus possible background swearing in the video.  He falls at 0:20.  The towel handoff is at 0:58.)

The Boys in The Band

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It's not Country, but it's good enough for Carrie Underwood! CARRIE UNDERWOOD still loves New Kids On The Block.  I know this because she retweeted Donnie Wahlberg's post about the band's new video.  She captioned it, "I like the boys, the boys in the band." So I did.  And I smiled. I like anyone who doesn't take themselves too seriously.  I like the boys in the band. It took me back. Maybe it will do the same for you?  -Lisa Kaye

Maren Morris Releases her Sophomore Album

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Maren Morris fan (hand raised).  Her 2nd album was just announced a month ago, and it's here! On International Women's Day! I like what you did here Maren...I'm pickin' up what you're throwin' down! It was released at Midnight.  I have already listened to the whole thing.  You may have heard her new single "Girl" already on Minnesota 93. She told Billboard Magazine, "Me choosing ‘Girl’ as the first single, it’s about transitioning from someone who felt like she didn't need anybody into someone who very much needs people and is okay with admitting that,” and “That really frightening vulnerability that [...]

Luke Bryan bonds with ‘American Idol’ Contestant about losing loved ones.

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Luke Bryan relates to an American Idol contestant when the contestant, Nick Townsend, shared his loss on live television and it really hit home for Luke Bryan. The contestant performed "Let it be" and the rendition clearly brought Luke Bryan to tears as it brought back memories of his brother and sister that he lost. "I haven't brought this up on this show because I haven't had to," Bryan  explained to Townsend. "I lost both of my siblings, and you know, man, I just applaud you for keeping a positive attitude and continuing to be a light." It was [...]

I Beat the Cat! I Win the Day!

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I get up ridiculously early.  We are talking pre 4 am. There is always someone in the house up EARLIER than me.  The CAT.  We are crazy animal lovers and of the 2 cats (and 2 dogs), one princess cat, "Miss Mimi" has never missed the opportunity to beat the clock and wake me up or be right there the moment the alarm goes off. This is an actual photo of her on top of me probably right before an alarm went off. She will perch on my chest or my side and steal my breath. Cat nose to my [...]

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