New Look, Best Country

Apr 10, 2013 -- 5:31pm

We've freshened up our look.  It's not that our old look or logo was bad, it just wasn't the best.  

There were a lot of different things happening in our old logo; different fonts, different colors, lots of text.  But our station has always been about just playing the latest and best country; a simple but great idea -- one that has made us an award winning station, and a favorite in Southern Minnesota.

Old Minnesota 93 Logo Old Minnesota 93 Logo
Our old, fairly busy, logo

Our logo needed to reflect that.  The old school "new country" font just didn't say "new" country to us.  Not only that, but sometimes the greatest country wasn't necessarily the newest anway.  So our new logo has removed the tagline altogether; we feel that the style of music we do should be implied in the look of the logo itself.  

We've limited ourselves to two modern fonts in the logo.  The "93" is a fun handwritten font, just slightly modifed from the former.  "Minnesota" is now displayed more prominantly, along with our call letters at the bottom.  

Our newer, simpler and fresher logo

The signiture Minnesota 93 "roadsign" look has been retained, yet simplified.  You can still tell its a roadsign, even with borders around everything.  The colors are now more muted too; colors you might see if you go cruisin out in the southern Minnesota country.

We play the BEST Country.  We hope our logo reflects that.

Tell us, what do you think of our new look?!

Blog by Jeffrey Hendrix, Radio Mankato Web & Social Media Director
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