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6:00 am – 10:00 am

Good Morning!  That photo is pure sunshine pre-COVID Lisa on a cruise ship! One of the last BIG things I did before the pandemic changed the way we did things.  It makes me smile.

What to know if you’re “new” here. There will be a test later.

You have a standing invite and are always welcome to join the “Crew!”

I’ve been waking up Southern Minnesota for years and years-and it truly is the best job.  So many of you have grown up with me right here on the airwaves and I’m so lucky to be a part of your lives.

I grew up in Minnesota-a Twin Cities native.  After I graduated from the University of Minnesota I wandered for a few years on another coast playing a young broadcaster on the radio.  An industry guy in Seattle told a guy here in Minnesota-If he didn’t hire me, I was going to get placed “somewhere else.”  Good call and I have always been appreciative.  I found the love of my life and a great career right here in these cities where the river runs north.  20+ years into the BEST marriage, Kevin and I are the parents to 4 funny, critical thinkers that each have their own superpowers.

We have a lot of fun in the mornings on the radio. Nobody is to take themselves too seriously-so drop any sanctimonious baggage at the door, grab a cup of coffee and sit down, friend! One of my good radio buddies calls this “LTR.” You may hear us refer to it once in a while. It stands for “Lisa. The. Real.”

Now I’ve known Chris for years. He’s been a guest on my shows in different capacities. Isn’t it fitting that he was excited to join the Crew?  I’m glad to have him along.  After all, someone needs to make the best pour over coffee!

“Crew” is YOU….and Chris, Jake, Teri and Alex. City officials, business owners, coaches, the school superintendent, our very own cabinetmaker and friends-It makes for a great conversation each and every morning.

Listen to every weekday 6:00 am-10:00 am @93.1 FM

My studio Text Line number is 507.469.2626

Thanks to the only locally owned T-Mobile store on Sioux Road in Mankato

Stream online at Minnesota93.com or enable your Alexa device at home.

oh–and be good people.


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6-9 am

Where I’m from: Mankato, MN but born in Oklahoma while dad served in the Army and spent 10 years after high school in the Twin Cities. In all I’ve lived in Mankato for 34 years. I couldn’t wait to leave but once I moved back I quickly knew I’d never leave again…well, other than for the occasional trip to somewhere warm.

Things to know:
Extremely proud dad of Cael and Caeden. I’m not one of those who documents their every accomplishment on social media but if you follow me you’ll definitely get a glimpse into our lives whether it be on a baseball field, in a gym, by a pool or on the river. My kids have my sense of humor and sarcasm which sometimes makes it interesting when people hear us having a conversation. I love Minnesota Spring, Summer and Fall but I stay inside most of the Winter…if I was reincarnated as an animal I would probably be a bear.
I am the owner of the Chris Willaert Farmers Insurance Agency which is where I head off to every morning when I leave the studio. I have been in the insurance and financial world for around 20 years. I use stories and examples to help my clients actually understand what I’m talking about because without those your eyes would gloss over. One such example includes Wile E. Coyote.
I coached wrestling at various levels for approximately 15 years. During that time I coached my brother to a State HS Championship and athletes that I coached on Minnesota HS National Teams from 2003 to 2013 competed in the 2008, 2012 & 2016 Olympics.
I’m an extroverted introvert, perfectly content just hanging out at home with my kids but make myself be more social. Conversations on air are really just conversations between Lisa and I but it just so happens thousands of people can hear them. Sometimes I forget that and that’s when you find out what kind of underwear I wear or that I eat kiwi with the skin on it.
I don’t like pretentiousness and can be pretty opinionated. I love meat and cheese trays but not charcuterie boards. If you ask me about food I’ll let you know where the best places to get pizza, buffalo wings, burgers, burritos and tacos are. Pineapple doesn’t belong on or in any of those things. Beer should be gold and coffee should be black. Oh and steaks should always be red in the middle.

Jake Palmer

10 am- 3 pm

Where you’re from: Short answer – All-Over… Born in Great state of MN, move to Washington state at young age, then to Wisconsin. After High School (ya, I graduated), bounced around the Midwest before landing in Mankato circa 1991. I live Mankato with my amazingly patient wife Jennifer and our two daughters Mika & Pria, and our really, really old cat “Moto” (18 yr old), Fern the Hedgehog, and a fish.

Some Favorites: TV Show The West Wing (“Justified” close 2nd), although lately I can’t stop watching “Yellowstone”

Movies (hard to pick one) – Rounders, Platoon, Forest Gump, Goodfellas, Die Hard, Trading Places

Apps Fan Duel

Books Super System 2

Food Ribeye Steak, Cheesecake (plain), High Life

Random Facts about Me:

1. I am missing my right index fingertip…oops

2. I’ve been a Wedding Entertainer since age 15 (1986)

3. I started as a Radio DJ in 1988

4. I never met a microphone I didn’t like

5. I’m “Livin’ The Dream”

Some other items:

Addictions Guitars, Guns, Grills

Dream Vacation Fishing – anywhere

Guilty Pleasure Peanut Butter

Pet Peeves Dumb People and slow drivers

Always in my wallet/purse [pocket] guitar pick & Gerber pocketknife

Any Volunteer work / Charities you help with Tee It Up For The Troops, Backpack Food Program,

(I’ll do pretty much anything to help our Troops and Kids)

More about Me: I enjoy the “Midwest Lifestyle”, spending time outdoors, fishing, hunting, grilling on my patio with friends and family. I like Curling (yes, with the rocks and brooms), Golf, and the MN Vikings.

Teri T.

3 pm – 7 pm


7 pm-midnight

From Austin, MN… Started in Radio in Alexandria in 2010 as an intern for a morning show, and worked my way to Mankato!

Some Favorites:

TV Show – Cheers

Movies – Bohemian Rhapsody

Apps – TikTok, Snapchat, iFunny

Books – Books?!?!

Restaurant / Food [or both] – Taco Bell and any bar

Random Facts about Me:

I can play guitar

I have legitimately flown a plane

I once passed a 400-level college final exam at age 7

Addictions – Call of Duty Cold War

Dream Vacation – Anywhere warm!

Guilty Pleasure – I like to take things apart and put them back together!

Pet Peeves – Loud Chewing Noises

Always in my pocket – Phone, Keys, Wallet, and earbuds!


American Country Countdown

Sundays 8 AM to 12 PM

Hosted by superstar Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn, ACC is a weekly countdown of country’s Top 30 songs. Kix keeps the format fresh and listeners tuned-in with his insider perspective and behind-the-scenes knowledge of the personalities, events and excitement that make country music.

Rise Up Country with John Ritter

Sundays 6 AM to 8 AM

Meet the Rise Up Host – John Ritter

John Ritter has been directly involved in the music business since he was a young child. At eight years and before ever having a voice lesson, he was singing in church and talent contests. His natural-born musical ability continued to improve during high school where he played the bass guitar and sang with several local bands. After attending Saint Petersburg Junior College, he received his Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology from the University of South Florida.

In 1980, after taking a vacation to Lake Tahoe, John made the decision to pursue his music career out West playing the Nevada circuit. During that time he became friends with Colin Ray who was pursuing the same carreer. In addition to his work on the circuit, John has recorded sessions with Anita Pointer of the Pointer Sisters and Sony Music VP Paul Wurley.

After 11 years as a successful Nevada entertainer, John decided to stop entertaining and move back to Florida with his wife, Bobbie and their two children, Lindsey and Johnny. He built a 24-track recording facility and began the positive country music show Rise Up. The success of that show allowed John to hook up with Ken Cooper to form “Cooper & Ritter,” which ran as a very successful morning show on the legendary Q105 for six years.

Rise Up eventually moved to Tampa’s Award Winning WQYK, 99.5 where it was re titled “Rise Up Country” and distributed nationally. Rise-Up Country can now be heard on over 100 great radio stations across America.

Rise Up’s mission statement is to tell people not to give up, that God loves them and there is hope. John likes to say it’s where we get our weekly dose of inspiration and a message of hope. John wants to see families stay together; and as a proud dad, one of the most important messages he hopes to convey is to love your children. He knows how precious family can be. John and his wife Bobbie almost lost their son, Johnny to a violent attack, so they’ve learned to appreciate every moment with their children and the power of prayer.

In addition to hosting the Rise Up Country show and running his production studio, John has also continued to pursue his writing abilities and has several songs to his name, including the theme songs for the Q-Morning Zoo radio show, “Beautiful Downtown Lutz,” and the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fight Song, “Hey, Hey, Hey, We’re the Buccaneers.” Each month he spends some time in Nashville where he writes songs with artists and other song writers. He has songs recorded by both Craig Morgan and Suzie Luchsinger.

“The Rise Up Country” Show is about God, family and country. So don’t give up … just Rise Up on Sunday mornings!”