Paul Bunyan is an American Folktale. The tall tales about him have entertained us throughout the years. You can visit Paul and his pal Babe, the Blue Ox landmarks around Minnesota and the U.S. Today is Paul Bunyan Day. To celebrate, here are some facts about the giant lumberjack and his blue ox named Babe.

  1. It took five storks to deliver Paul to his parents when he was born.
  2. Paul was 63 ax handles tall his blue ox, Babe was 42 ax handles tall.
  3. It is said that Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes are Paul Bunyan’s footprints.
  4. Paul’s frying pan covered 1 acre.
  5. It took a crow a day to fly from the tip of one Babe’s horn to the other.
  6. Babe could eat 30 bales of hay a day.
  7. Paul carved out the Great Lakes so that Babe had a watering hole to drink from.
  8. One winter all the snowflakes were blue, changing the color of Babe to blue permanently.

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