MAREN MORRIS seems to be everywhere these days.  That happens when you’re promoting an album.  Well, technically, two albums.  Besides “Girl”, there’s THE HIGHWOMEN debut album, which drops next month.

She says the opportunity to be in an all-female supergroup . . . with BRANDI CARLILENATALIE HEMBY, and AMANDA SHIRES . . . was too good to pass up.

Quote, “I think a lot of people on my team probably thought I was insane to join a band right in the middle of my own album cycle and tour.  But when Brandi asked me to join, and that these were going to be the people involved, I couldn’t say no.

“I’ve also been touting the same message with ‘Girl’ . . . it’s high time for more female perspectives in the country genre.”

She adds, quote, “I love that we have songs on this album about shattering female stereotypes to a gay country love song, and songs about losing loved ones.  It’s all real and it’s all country.”