Robert Ritchie, better known for his stage name, Kid Rock, went on a drunken rage-filled rant about Oprah Winfrey during one of his performances. Police had to remove the rock ‘n’ roll singer from stage at his own bar. Kid Rock was performing at Kid Rock’s Big A** Honky Tonk & Rock ‘N’ Roll Steakhouse located in Nashville, TN, when the incident happened. Several media outlets have reported that the singer had to be escorted out of his own bar by police, but Kid Rock cleared up rumors about the incident in a Facebook post he made halfway apologizing for the event and halfway clearing up the details of what occurred and owning his drunken rant and what he said.


After the star completed a rant about how much he hates Oprah Winfrey, Kid Rock performed one more song and then was helped off of the stage by a police officer. Kid Rock suggests the officer was simply helping him back onto his feet after Kid Rock is seen sitting on the side of the stage slumped. The singer used extremely profound language during his rant and also inappropriate gestures. Many of the audience members seem to be shocked by his rant in the audio clips of the incident and others seem to agree with the blacked-out musician’s words. Reports have said that Kid Rock was slurring his words and also appeared to have a glass of liquor in his hand while performing at his bar.


You can listen to the audio Youtube clip of Kid Rock’s drunken diss rant below. But please remember there is extremely profound language used and very inappropriate gestures. PLEASE VIEW WITH CAUTION.


Below is Kid Rock’s post to his official Facebook page regarding his insight on the incident:

My people tried to get me to do The Oprah Winfrey show years ago and her people wanted me to write down 5 reasons why I loved her and her show.. I said fuck that and her. End of story.

I am just saying what a lot of people think. Not saying I should be, but sometimes I just do. Oh well.
I have a big mouth and drink too much sometimes, shocker! I also work hard and do a ton to help others out but that’s just back page news because the press hates I love Trump, fuck them too. I am what I am, I ain’t what I ain’t!

PS And you haters and internet trolls can check my touring numbers and shut your ignorant asses up! Boom!

PSS I did not get removed from MY OWN BAR (fake news) if anything I was leaving and the cops were helping me out…Hey, at least I don’t drink and drive!! 🤘👍

PSSS. Was it racist when I said “Fuck Joy Behar”???
and by the way… I love Kathy Lee Gifford.” 


Here is the address link to Kid Rock’s Facebook page:


-Intern Megan