Darius Rucker may just have claimed the title as this weeks country hero. The singer recently found himself at an IHOP in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, which according to the servers there, he is quite the regular. He surprised the patrons there by paying for their meals, as well as leaving a generous tip for the servers.

“It was a full restaurant,” the manager said. “There were a lot of people. I added it up and he paid”. Rucker has been known for giving back in the past by dedicating time and resources to supporting educational causes. Annually, he hosts “Darius & Friends” which is a mix of all-star tournaments and concerts to help raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. So far, the efforts have raised over $2 Million.

Within the last week, Rucker also invited Lady A to perform with him at the Grand Ole Opry where they were later inducted that evening. Rucker performed “Wagon Wheel” with the band providing some backup harmonies for the song.