6-14-21 Entertainment News

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6-14-21 Entertainment News (Los Angeles, CA) -- Kim Kardashian isn't any closer to practicing law. During the series finale of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," the reality TV star and law student revealed she failed her second attempt at the "mini bar exam." Kardashian is taking an alternate route to becoming a lawyer, which requires her to pass the exam before she can move forward and eventually take the regular bar. She says she's "totally bummed" about her score of 463. It's lower than her first failed test result of 474, and almost 100 points below what she needs to pass. [...]

6/8/21 Entertainment News

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6/8/21 Entertainment News For: Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 >>Ellie Kemper Denounces White Supremacy After Facing Backlash For Participating In Pageant (Undated) -- Actress Ellie Kemper is denouncing white supremacy after a photo resurfaced of her winning a 1999 pageant that was allegedly rooted in racism. On Instagram, "The Office" actress said the organization that hosted the Veiled Prophet Ball had an "unquestionably racist, sexist, and elitist past." She explained her ignorance on the matter is not an excuse and noted she should have educated herself before getting involved. Kemper, who also starred in "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," apologized to the people she [...]

6/7/21 Jason Swanson-Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging-Chesley Center on Aging Lecture series

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https://www.mixcloud.com/KTOE/6721-jason-swanson-minnesota-river-area-agency-on-aging/ For home-bound older adults that are interested in getting a vaccination, they can call the Senior LinkAge Line at 1-800-333-2433 or 1-833-431-2053 which is the MDH Hotline. Tomorrow, June 8th is the Chesley Center on Aging Lecture Series – Assisted Living License Change effective August 1st  registration link can be foundhere:  https://mnscu.rschooltoday.com/public/getclass/category_id/49/program_id/9/subcategory_id/240

6/4/21 Entertainment News

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6/4/21 Entertainment News (Tarzana, CA) -- JoJo Siwa's bright and fun Pride party didn't quite go as planned when she got some unexpected visitors - the cops. TMZ reports that police and paramedics were called out to her house party for a possible overdose. A source says a man who showed up to the party appeared to have taken drugs, and may have overdosed on LSD. He was taken to the hospital and there's no word on his condition. This was JoJo's first time hosting a Pride celebration since she came out earlier this year. She went all out for the [...]

6/3/21 Entertainment News

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6/3/21 Entertainment News (Santa Barbara, CA) -- Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting a shocking surprise after human remains were discovered just yards away from their California property. The royal couple had been doing landscaping construction on their mansion last week when the very old bones were uncovered. Santa Barbara sheriffs officials told the Daily Mail the remains appeared to belong to a young adult. Preliminary findings say the bones could be from the Chumash people, who lived in the area for nearly eleven-thousand years. Law enforcement won't confirm who the remains belong to until they have an official opinion [...]

6-2-21 Melanie Schmidt with Community Ed and Rec

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https://www.mixcloud.com/KTOE/6-2-21-melanie-from-community-ed-and-rec/ YOU TUBE-SPIRIT OF YOUTH AWARDS-WATCH HERE Spirit Of Youth Award Ceremony - Video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JzvPAWCfVY07Mkk3ndu1Qv0v4SZilsz8/view?ts=60ae764c Spirit Of Youth Honorees (attached) Mankato Area Public Schools' Community Education & Recreation Dept. Summer Brochure https://resources.finalsite.net/images/v1620754831/isd77org/jgmpplmcx80lfhi2o5q7/NEWSUMMER2021BROCHURE16.pdf

6-2-21 Entertainment News

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6-2-21 Entertainment News Melissa Berrera, best-known for playing free spirited vegan Lyn Hernandez in the Starz series Vida, has been cast in the lead role in the Netflix drama series Breathe.  She'll play Liv, "a razor-sharp Manhattan attorney who finds herself profoundly out of her comfort zone when her small plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness and she must battle for survival," according to Variety.  Barrera will next be seen playing Vanessa in the film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights, hitting theaters and HBO Max on June 11... Game of Thrones alum Sophie Turner has been tapped to star in the upcoming HBO Max limited series The Staircase, [...]

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