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Where you’re from? Good Thunder, MN
My Favorites
TV Show: Mythbusters, How I Met Your Mother, Looney Toons Re-runs, & Shark week
Movies: The Marvel Cinematic Universe. All of it. The marvel movies are great. Fight me.
Apps: Twitter, Instagram, The Athletic, also Onion Rings, Soft Pretzels, Cheese Curds.
Books: Anything by Chuck Klosterman
1. I am an avid curler. (Yes, the one with rocks and brooms)
2. I was, at one time, on the no fly list. BIG misunderstanding.
3. I share a birthday with President Ulysses S. Grant.
4. I have a class Z drivers license, which allows me to operate a zamboni.
5. One of these facts are a complete lie. You have to figure out which one.
Most Prized Possession: 4th grade spelling bee trophy
Dream Vacation: Anywhere I can drink by the ocean and not be cold.
Fave Restaurants: Wasson’s Supper Club
Fave Drinks: Water, Coffee, Diet Dr. Pepper, Mad Butcher IPA, Busch Light
Fave Clothing Store: Steve’s Curling Supplies
Fave Music: Country is how I Pay the bills, but rock is where my heart is. Disturbed, Chevelle, Tool, 311, Rise Against. Just to name a few.
Typical Breakfast: Coffee, Eggs, Yogurt, Tears of my enemies.
Guilty Pleasures: Cold Mountain Dew in a can.